Thursday, July 30, 2015

Brigitte Squirrel Dress from Carousel

Hi dolls,

My dress from Carousel arrived!! I nearly kissed the post man!

Carousel is a vintage inspired clothing and accessories store based in Dublin, Ireland. For those who don’t live nearby, thank goodness they also have an online store:

Carousel’s style is notably distinctive and as indicated on their website, it ‘‘mixes a blend of feminine, romantic prints with effortless, wearable fashion.’’ In their shop, you will find retro inspired clothing items from their own brand called Circus, and items from other vintage inspired brands, as well as authentic vintage apparel ranging from the 1950s - 1970s.

Shopping at Carousel, you will notice silhouettes of the past, pussy bows, peter pan collars, and polka dots. Talk about classy! 

Ciao bambole,

Il mio vestito di Carousel è arrivato finalmente! Ho quasi baciato il postino.

Carousel è un negozio che si trova a Dublino, specializzato in abiti ed accessori vintage. Vendono sia capi vintage genuini (degli anni 50 fino agli anni 70) che capi ispirati al vintage, come della loro collezione, Circus. Il loro stile è molto femminile, romantico e di classe. Per noi che non abitiamo in Irlanda, per fortuna hanno un negozio online:

The dress I’m wearing is the Brigitte Squirrel dress (available here)
 from Carousel’s own collection, Circus. 
Brigitte dress: c/o Carousel
Shoes: Porta Portese, Rome
Hair flower: Brigitte Bijoux
Bag: vintage from mercato monti
My mother ruining my photo shoot!! ;) <3
Lo and behold, did you notice there are squirrels and hearts on this dress?
Avete notato che ci sono sia scoiattoli che cuoricini sul vestito?

Questo vestito 'Brigitte' è il tipo di vestito che sta bene a tutte, e l'ho trovato comodissimo. Se sei una donna nostalgica, in cerca di un abbigliamento giocoso e charmant, recativi al negozio di Carousel, dove pure i vestiti hanno nomi retrò (Ava, Vivien, Gina...)!

I’m so pleased with my Brigitte Dress. The quality is excellent. It’s playful, graceful, and flattering. Carousel highlights the importance of looking good and feeling good. Indeed, this is the kind of  dress you can wear all day long, whether sitting down or prancing about. Comfortable and classy….who’d ever think they’d go together?? :)

If you’re a nostalgic lady, seeking charming and timeless attire, take a look at Carousel’s collection, where even the dresses have vintage names (Ava, Loretta, Twiggy, Joan etc.)! You’ll find a thing (or two, or three…) that will make your heart flutter.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Pineapple Brooch from Jess Collinge

It's official: I'm madly in love.
With my pineapple brooch from
Isn't it a beauty?? It's perfect for a tiki-tropical look. This is the kind of brooch that perks up your outfit and your mood!

Jess Collinge's creations (including brooches, necklaces, rings and earrings) are all handmade by herself in the UK, using the technique of laser cutting, on acrylic and plywood. Jess Collinge sources many of of her materials from local, UK based companies as she finds it important to be conscious of where materials come from and to support other UK based businesses. You will notice from her collection that it is inspired by kitsch, fun and nostalgic imagery. Jess Collinge's goal is to make people smile. She's obsessed with flamingos, snowglobes and anything that glitters. 
She would roll herself in glitter, if she could! ;)
I'm fascinated by her talent and
 I'm sure you'll agree: 


E' ufficiale: sono follemente innamorata. 
Della mia spilla ananas da
Vero che è di una bellezza?? Questa spilla rallegra e ravviva qualsiasi outfit ed è perfetta per un look tropicale!

Jess Collinge, crea spille, collane ed orecchini, tutte a mano, nell'Inghilterra, usando la tecnica del 'laser cutting' (ovvero, tagliare con il laser). La sua collezione è ispirata al kitsch e alle immagini divertenti e nostalgici. Il suo obbiettivo è di far sorridere le persone. Jess Collinge adora i glitter; se potesse si arrotolerebbe nei glitter! Sono affascinata dal suo talento, che potete ammirare anche voi:

Also among Jess Collinge's collection are the below items:

     Rainbow crystal disco sheep brooch. Click here because you know you want this baaaadly ;)
          Fernando the flamingo - laser cut brooch (available here)
       This guy's on my wishlist. I mean, just look at him. Irresistible!
          Lasercut strawberry earrings (adorable and available here):
  Last but not least, the Tropical Lasercut Brooch I'm wearing is  available here.

Adoro i colori della spilla, i piccoli strass brillanti (una caratteristica dei gioielli Jess Collinge) e mi piace il fatto che la spilla si vede; è la giusta misura! Non come certe spille che nemmeno si notano, essendo così piccoli. Il pacco, ben sigillato e impacchettato mi è arrivato in pochi giorni dall'Inghilterra quindi sono molto soddisfatta anche dal servizio. 

Se state cercando un regalo chic e particolare per un parente, un amica o per voi stesse, dirigetevi al negozio di Jess Collinge:


I can't stop admiring this pineapple brooch. It stands out from the crowd. I love the colors, the pretty little rhinestones (Jess Collinge tries to embellish most of her creations with crystals!) and the size. It's annoying when brooches are so tiny that you can barely see them; this brooch is the perfect size!

The delivery was very speedy and the brooch was carefully packed so it got to me safe and sound from the United Kingdom, where JessCollinge is based. 

If you're looking for a chic and beautiful gift for a relative, a friend or yourself, head over to Jess Collinge's store and take a closer look at her work on the following sites:

Official website:

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Review: Rockin' Rollers and Vintage Hairstyling by Lauren Rennells

Hello dolls,

Are you passionate about vintage hairstyles from the 1920s - 1960s? If yes, then the book, Vintage Hairstyling by Lauren Rennells is a must have.

Lauren Rennells is a hair and makeup artist and as indicated on her blog (, she has a ''borderline obsession with retro beauty techniques''. Her passion sure is evident by looking at her work! It's no wonder her vintage beauty how-to books are popular among modern vintage girls.

Vintage Hairstyling is jam-packed with retro hair styles and techniques (more than 35 styles!!). The book walks you through each hairstyle/technique step by step, all fully illustrated and with detailed instructions. 

I really like how the book is user friendly and how it thoroughly covers such a wide variety of hairstyles. I'm more inclined towards the 1940s and 1950s and thankfully there are plenty of hairdos from this era in the book. I think Vintage Hairstyling is suitable not only for women who already know what they're doing, but also for clueless vintage lovin' ladies too! Some styles are simpler while others are more sophisticated and artistic (hairstyling is an art after all!).

I can't wait to try these hairstyles out, especially The Happy Pompadour, The Pin Up, The Page Boy and The Receptionist (this one's sooo Mad Men).

Also available on, are the above Rockin' Rollers, soft hair rollers that are so comfortable! The bag of rollers also contains a booklet filled with how to's and tips on using Rockin' Rollers. You can even create faux bangs with a Rockin' Roller! Before I got these rollers, I was worried they might not hold a curl on my thick, long hair but boy was I wrong! I'll let the pictures do the talking:

I love how much shorter my hair looks after using these rollers.......
no need for a haircut!
Rockin Rollers and Vintage Hairstyling by Lauren Rennels: c/o HRST books

Consiglio vivamente il libro Vintage Hairstyling di Lauren Rennels, una truccatrice e acconciatrice, esperta di bellezza vintage/retrò.  Il libro è pieno zeppo di tutorial e consigli su come creare acconciature degli anni '20, '30, '40 e '50. E' un libro perfetto per chi vuole sembrare una donna di altri tempi! 

Consiglio anche i Rockin' Rollers che sono dei bigodini morbidi, comodissimi anche mentre dormi. Come potete vedere dalle foto in alto, usandoli ho ottenuto dei ricci morbidi, quasi ondulati. Anche questo è un prodotto utilissimo per creare delle acconciature retro-rockabilly.

Troverete i due prodotti quì:


I highly reccomend the book, Vintage Hairstyling, as well as the Rockin' Rollers if you want to recreate retro hairstyles and look like a lady from the Golden Age of Hollywood! 

Both items are available here:

What is your favorite vintage hairstyle?

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Alice's Pig

What could ever be inside this package from Alice's Pig........'s the gorgeous Sally's Sailor dress! 
It has stripes, a squared collar, a little black bow and buttons. A quadruple made in heaven. It's retro yet with a modern edge. In fact, as you'll read on the website (, Alice's Pig - a new fashion brand from Brixton (UK) - is inspired by vintage and Alice in Wonderland. Talk about unique. And that is exactly what their collection is; full of playful dresses, quirky accessories, fun t-shirts and much more.

Questo vestito è di Alice's Pig (il maialino di Alice), una marca di moda dall'Inghilterra. Come potete vedere, è un vestito stile retrò con un tocco di moderno, un melange di vecchio e di nuovo. Infatti, come indicato sul loro sito (, Alice's Pig è ispirato allo stile vintage e da Alice e il Paese delle Meraviglie. Più originale di così, non si può! Date un'occhiata alla loro collezione quì, dove troverete altri vestiti e magliette divertenti, accessori capricciosi ed altro.
I'm off, leaving the house with my new bag ;) Wind blowing in my hair and all.
Dress and bag: c/o Alice's Pig
Shoes: Scarpe & Scarpe

Oltre ad essere un vestito sbarazzino-stile marinaio, è comodissimo ed è foderato (100% cotone). La qualità è molto alta. E' disponibile anche nella versione a righe maialino dentro di me vorrebbe averlo...cliccate quì e capirete. Qual'è il vostro capo preferito dalla collezione di Alice's Pig?


Not only is Sally's Sailor a nautical and whimsical dress, it's also comfy (runs true to size) and it's lined in 100% cotton.  The quality is excellent (after all, it's in the Pig's Promise!) There's also a tempting blue striped inner pig is pining for here and you'll know what I mean. 

Have you checked out Alice's Pig? What is your favorite item?

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Recent Retro Hairstyles

 Add a red flower for an instant retro effect!
Brushed out curls for a soft curl look:
Bumper bangs tutorial here

Oiriginal source here

Ok, almost perfect.

Ciao for now, dolls!

Monday, July 13, 2015

You've Stolen A Pizza My Heart

Hi cookies.
These are several items on my wish list:
Ciao biscottini.
Ecco degli articoli sulla mia wishlist (lista dei desideri):
^You've Stolen A Pizza My Heart bag from Primark 
^Questa borsa dice 'Hai rubato un pizza del mio cuore' hihi
Warning: Image not suitable for vegeterians.
^I actually had this pizza at Pizza Hut in London but I would like some NOW. It had sliced ham, minced beef, chicken and pepperoni. Mamma mia!!!
Attenzione: Immagine non adatta ai vegeteriani
^Pizza al prosciutto cotto, salame, carne di manzo macinata e pollo che ho mangiato a londra. Una pizza carnivora!
^Cup cake bath sponges  // Spugnette a forma di cupcake <3
^Reese's Peanut Butter Cup lipbalm? YES PLEASE!!! // Burrocacao al cioccolato e burro d'arachidi...
^Strawberry and Pineapple shoulder bags from Primark. Summer is the perfect time to be a fruit salad! :)
^Borse fragola e ananas. L'estate è il periodo ideale per essere una macedonia! ;)
^French fries I-phone cover anyone? Look at the teeny french fry earphones! 
^Custodia IPhone a forma di patatine fritte. Pure le auricolari sono a forma di patatine!

What's on your wishlist?
Til next time. Bye from my baby and me~ 
Cos'è sulla tua wishlist?
Alla prossima~