Monday, November 30, 2015

Pin Up Cosmetics

Hi dolls,

How are you? I hope you’re treating your beautiful faces well :) It’s gotten really cold here and my delicate skin was in serious need of some pampering. Luckily, the mailman came by the other day and delivered a package from..........

Pin Up Cosmetics ( is a retro-inspired brand, based in San Francisco, that offers handmade, natural and vegan beauty products. This is the perfect brand for you pinup dolls, eco-friendly beauties and vegan vixens! Let’s face it: every woman is a pinup doll in her own way ;) It’s important for every woman to also know what exactly she’s applying on her skin and hair. It can be really difficult to find wholesome beauty products and it’s alarming how many cosmetics nowadays contain toxic chemicals. Thank goodness, makeup artist and artisan, Aprill Lacey, combined two of her passions: old school glamour and organic cosmetics, to create Pin Up Cosmetics. As emphasized on the brand's website, ''Pin Up Cosmetics makes it easy to be glamorous with a conscience'' and this phrase sums up the essence of this fabulous brand.

Speaking of essence, I can smell lavender, rose and grapefruit right now....
Isn't the packaging adorable??
Here is a sample of Pin Up Cosmetics Rose Petal Face Cream. I tested it out on my face and my skin is as soft as a baby’s. I really like how it’s non-greasy and how the scent is very delicate and soothing. It's suitable for all skin types:
This bottle below is a sample of Pinup Cosmetics Graprefruit & Lavender SerumThe serum contains apricot kernel oil, grapeseed oil, vitamin E, lavender and grapefruit essential oils (100% pure!). A few drops of this on my face and neck, and I’m in utter bliss! I'm amazed how this hydrates my skin, while also minimizing pores (thank you, grapefruit! :)). The lavender oil is also doing its job by greatly reducing the redness in my skin due to cold wind. This product is also perfect for all skin types and it has a very pleasant, fresh and calming scent.

Last but not least, Pin Up Cosmetics Buxom Lip GlossThis lip gloss contains jojoba seed oil and peppermint essential oil. Wow, I'm hooked; it not only adds a beautiful shine (my lips look poutier!), it also moisturizes your lips and gives them a very natural hint of color. Did I mention, how moisturized my lips are?? The texture is perfect, not sticky nor liquidy. Hello, healthy and beautiful lips!!!  
You can really see the Pin Up Cosmetics Lip Gloss on my lips here below.
 Don't I look just like Angelina Jolie?? ;)

Ciao bambole,

Il post di oggi è dedicato a Pin Up Cosmetics, una marca americana di cosmetici bio.....con un tocco retrò! Una marca perfetta per la donna pin-up, la donna vegana, la donna ''green''. Ogni donna è una pin-up a modo suo, e ogni donna dovrebbe essere consapevole di cosa esattamente si mette sul viso e sui capelli. E' difficile trovare prodotti di bellezza 100% naturali e purtroppo molti cosmetici contengono sostanze tossiche. Per fortuna, Aprill Lacey (artigiana e truccatrice), unendo le sue due passioni (prodotti ecologici e il glamour retrò) ha creato Pin Up Cosmetics. I suoi prodotti sono 100% organici, privi di sostanze chimiche e fatti a mano. Finalmente, una marca con una coscienza!

Io ho provato i campioncini della crema idratante alla rosa, il siero con olii essenziali di lavanda e pompelmo e un lucidalabbra con olio di jojoba e di menta piperita. La crema e il siero hanno idratato e lenito la mia pelle, senza ungerla. Il profumo delicato che emanano questi prodotti ti trasportano in un mondo...appunto, green! Poi, il lucidalabbra è favoloso; è emolliente e ha anche abbelito le mie labbra. Cioè, sembro quasi Angelia Jolie con questo gloss!! ;) Sono pienamente soddisfatta dalla qualità eccellente e consiglio Pin Up Cosmetics per mettere in risalto la vostra bellezza, naturalmente. 

I’m extremely impressed with the quality of these products and this brand's ethical mission. I highly recommend Pin Up Cosmetics, to beautify yourself naturally. You can check out their products on-line at, where you’ll find other items including mineral foundation, mineral blush, pin up eyeshadows, hair elixirs, cupcake lip balm and even pin up puffs! You can purchase Pinup Cosmetics products on their website, as well as at boutiques and at health food stores (list here). Ok ladies, gotta go and powder my nose now! :)

Monday, November 23, 2015

Beautiful LandyBridal dresses

Hi dolls,

I just realized that some of the funniest movies I've seen include weddings;
''In & Out'', ''Only You'', ''Father of the Bride'', to name a few.  Oh and have you seen the movie, 'My Best Friend's Wedding''? The one where, Julia Roberts' character tries to stop her best friend from getting married to Cameron Diaz's character! It's such a funny movie, with an excellent, old-school soundtrack. In the opening scene, a bride and three bridesmaids sing and dance to ''Wishin' and Hopin''' and they are wearing such lovely, vintage style dresses....

Speaking of vintage style dresses, I've spotted some beautiful, vintage inspired dresses at LandyBridal.

LandyBridal is an online store that offers high quality wedding dresses and special ocassion dresses, all at low prices. This company has been in service for over 15 years, manufacturing dreamlike dresses to cater to all tastes. You'll find bridesmaid dresses, party dresses, prom dresses, Quinceanera dresses, even men's formal wear and much more at LandyBridal. I'm especially attracted to their vintage-style collection so let me show you a few of LandyBridal's gorgeous, vintage lace wedding dresses

Here are a few of my favorite dresses from LandyBridal's collection, 

Which LandyBridal dress do you like best?

Thursday, November 19, 2015

A snack with The King

Having worn my Elvis apron-dress today, I just had to make something from 
The Presley Family Cookbook. This book is full of Elvis' favorite southern dishes. 
Since I had some wholewheat bread and natural peanut butter in the house, 
I decided to make peanut butter and banana sandwiches.
 I have to say, Elvis and I share the same taste in food!! <3
Though I have a big appetite, I'm a pretty lousy cook... 
I think my sandwiches turned out all right though. 
What do you think, are they fit for a King? ;)
Visto che oggi mi sono messa il mio grembiule-vestito con Elvis dappertutto, ho tirato fuori il ricettario della famiglia Presley e ho prepararato dei tramezzini con burro d'arachidi e banane. Una delle pietanze preferite di Elvis! 
Che ne pensate, questi panini sono degni di un Re? ;)
 A closeup of my fabulous Elvis apron-dress:

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Dreams come true, with CocoMelody

Imagine you're a bride and you're on a breathtaking beach in Hawaii on your wedding day...... Elvis is singing 'Blue Hawaii' in the background while the ocean's crystal clear waves splash on the gleaming white sand, in perfect sync. All the guests turn around to admire you.......but what will you be wearing? Dreams do come true, in Blue Hawaii so you'd better have the perfect dress ready! I recommend getting your dream dress at CocoMelody

CocoMelody is an online bridal superstore, offering a large and glorious selection of beautiful wedding dresses, special occasion dresses and much more, at competitive prices. The founder of CocoMelody, Miranda, decided to start this bridal company with the goal of making brides (and their wallets) happy! She has been successfully doing so for over 15 years. Just take a look at some of the beach wedding dresses available at Coco Melody and you'll understand why:

Equally gorgeous are the 2016 wedding dresses available at CocoMelody. 
Here are a few of my favorites:

This marvelous dress is 50% off now!!

 For the more daring ladies out there, a fuchsia wedding dress!

To bridify you from head to toe, wedding essentials are available too at CocoMelody, including veils, petticoats, shoes, corsets and headpieces. 

At CocoMelody, apart from wedding dresses, bridemaids dresses, mother of the bride dresses, and flower girl dresses, you can also find evening dresses, prom dresses, graduation dresses, homecoming dresses and Sweet 16 dresses. The fantastic thing is that the dresses can be customized to fit your measurements and to satisfy your color preferences. Before I go off to strum on my ukulele, ladies, let me remind you to take advantage of sales at CocoMelody!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Elvis Presley Inspired Outfits - How to dress like The King!

Elvis Presley is an eternal icon who left a huge imprint on the world and continues to inspire millions, consciously, subconsciously and unconsciously (yes, even after fainting ;)). I bump into teenage boys on the street with pompadours soo reminiscent of Elvis. Then on TV, Elvis' songs are blasting in commercials and just the other day I was watching the movie, ''Garfield'' where even the orange cat gets his hair done like Elvis! He says ''Well thank you, thank you very much ladies and gentlemen,'' while executing a karate move :) To say I love Elvis, is an understatement. He's my number one idol, my number one source of inspiration. Here are three Elvis inspired looks: 

1.) Total denim look
This look never goes out of fashion. It seems this is a recent trend but it goes way back! Here is a picture of Elvis in the movie, Roustabout (1964). 
^ Original image source here

It's so easy to recreate this look! I got my jeans shirt and men's style, lace up shoes from Oviesse (a low-cost Italian store). My jeans are from Zuiki, another low cost clothing brand. I wear these three essential items so often, either together or separately. A black guitar is an optional accessory ;)
^ Original source here
Handsome Elvis <3
^ Original image source here

2.) Relaxin' on the couch, Elvis style
For this comfy outfit, you'll need a white bowling shirt, light colored pants and white shoes. My bowling shirt from Cruisin' USA is baby pink, with a black collar while my vintage pants are light apricot and they look exactly like Elvis', right?? As for the shoes, I couldn't find my saddle shoes, so I just wore white socks :)
^ Original source here

3.) Jailhouse Rock outfit 
You'll need the darkest jeans and denim jacket you own, a striped tee and black shoes. Swing your hips and you'll be dancin' to the Jailhouse Rock in no time! 

^ Original image source here

I can't promise you any pictures of me wearing Elvis' stunning, gold lamé suit or his iconic white jumpsuit, but stay tuned for more Elvis inspired style! :)


Dire che amo Elvis sarebbe un eufemismo! Lui è il mio idolo, la mia fonte di ispirazione. Il re del rock and roll è un eterna icona che ha lasciato un segno nel mondo e continua tuttora ha ispirare milioni di persone, sia coscientemente che inconsapevolmente. Camminando per strada mi imbatto sempre in ragazzini con ciuffi che ricordano Elvis. In TV, si sentono le canzoni di Elvis nelle pubblicità. L'altro giorno guardavo il film, 'Garfield' su Italia Uno e perfino il gatto arancione imitava Elvis!!! :) Spero che vi siano piaciuti i miei tre look ispirati a Elvis!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Walk down the Aisle Style

Recently my cousin Maria got married and her wedding was a beautiful, Sicilian ceremony. The reception's venue, surrounded by vineyards and facing a panorama of mountains, countryside and the sea was breathtaking. You know what else was breathtaking? Apart from the cake -which was exquisite and I would like another piece of now-  what took my breath and everyone else's away, was:  Maria's wedding dress. It was as white as snow; a chiffon dress, leaving a long trail behind her and it was perfect on her. 

This got me thinking ''Where will I find my perfect wedding dress?'' I'm not getting married anytime soon but you know, I'd like to be ready. I know for sure that I want a vintage style wedding dress but there aren't many stores nearby with a substantial selection of dresses, let alone vintage. Luckily ladies, you don't need to go far to find your perfect wedding dress. You don't even need to leave your house. Your perfect wedding dress is a click away, thanks to Aisle Style.

Offering great quality and affordable, special occasion dresses, Aisle Style caters to women of all tastes and ages from all over the world. You will find gowns at this store, that are classic, intricate, delicate, audacious, short, long, pink, green, you name it! The website is very user friendly, and you can search dresses based on your preferred color, silhouette, hemline and even neckline! You don't have to get married, to buy from Aisle Style; they also offer bridesmaid dresses, prom dresses, cocktail dresses and more dresses to shine in. 

Being a retro gal at heart, my favorite dresses from Aisle Style are the 
Vintage Inspired Wedding Dresses Click on the pink to see the entire collection. 
Here are my picks:

This is the perfect dress for a vintage lovin' bride (yours truly, for example)
Come to think of it, I'd wear this to a party! Why wait for marriage! ;)
Isn't this dress so delicate and pretty?
What a dreamy dress this one is! Straight out of a fairytale :)
I absolutely adore this rockabilly style, blush pink, tulle dress:

Those above are my dream wedding dresses but since I'm not a bride yet, for now I should focus on bridesmaid dresses ;) I'm sure you'll agree with me that these Purple Bridesmaid Dresses from Aisle Style are truly special. Here are my favorites from the entire selection:

This dress will make you look and feel like a goddess:
Be pretty in purple peplum in this dress:
This one is plum but it's also available in purple and nearly every other color! 
Love the unique skirt part of this dress.
Isn't this dress very Audrey Hepburn?? I'd wear it anytime of day!

Which is your favorite Aisle Style dress? 

Poco tempo fa, si è sposata mia cugina Maria. E' stato un bellissimo matrimonio siciliano, tenuto in un baglio con vista su mare e montagna da mozzafiato! Sapete cos'altro è stato da mozzafiato? A parte la torta (che ripensandoci, ne vorrei un'altra fetta adesso...), il vestito nuziale! Era bianco come la neve, un vestito di chiffon con un lungo strascico che stava addosso a Maria perfettamente. Lei era raggiante e l'abito le stava a pennello. 

Guardando il vestito, mi sono detta ''Dove troverò io, il mio abito da sposa perfetto?'' Al momento non ci sono piani di sposarmi all'orizzonte ma sapete com'è, meglio essere pronte. So di certo che vorrei un matrimonio vintage con abito vinage, ma non ci sono tanti negozio quì vicino con una gran selezione di abiti stile retrò. Per fortuna ragazze, non dobbiamo andare lontano per trovare il nostro abito da sposa da sogno. Non dobbiamo nemmeno uscire di casa. L'abito da sposa perfetto è lontano un click grazie a Aisle Style

Quì troverete abiti per ogni occasione, di gran qualità a prezzi abbordabili per donne di ogni gusto e di ogni età. Troverete abiti classici, intricati, delicati, osé, corti, lunghi, rosa, verde...di tutto e di più insomma! Il sito è facile da navigare e per comprare da Aisle Style, mica dovete sposarvi; offrono abiti per damigelle (come quelli viola che avete visto nel mio post), abiti da cocktail, per il ballo delle debuttanti e tantissimi altri che faranno girar la testa quando l'indossate. Essendo una ragazza retrò, i miei abiti preferiti di Aisle Style sono quelli stile vintage ovviamente. Quei due abiti da sposa stile anni '50 che vi ho fatto vedere, li metterei anche a una festa. Perché aspettare il matrimonio?? ;)

Qual'è il vostro vestito preferito da Aisle Style?