Monday, September 26, 2016

Elvis Milkshake

Hi guys and dolls!

In August, I went to an American Diner (American Graffiti) with my friend Bibi. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that one of their milkshakes is called ''Elvis Milkshake''!!! I was in seventh heaven. It's the first thing I ordered, of course :)

Ciao a tutti!

In agosto sono andata al diner, American Graffiti con la mia amica Bibi. Non ho creduto ai miei occhi quando ho visto che servivano un milkshake che si chiama ''Elvis''!!! E' fatto con gelato alla vaniglia, banane, burro d'arachidi, sciroppo di cioccolato e panna montata. Un milkshake degno di un Re ;) Ero in paradiso:
The milkshake contains vanilla ice-cream, peanut butter, banana, chocolate syrup and whipped cream on top! Fit for a King ;) 
My Elvis bag was perfect for the occasion!
Bibi and me both wore stripes and a bandana <3
In between King Elvis and Queen Marilyn <3
A diner isn't a diner without a jukebox! 
Blue Moon of Kentucky, Heartbreak Hotel, Long Tall Sally, Shake Rattle and Roll, Tutti many songs to choose from! 
 For dessert, I went for a banana split.....
I wasn't expecting such a big portion!!

Inutile dirlo ma questa esperienza è stata un sogno per me. Musica anni 50, cibo anni 50 e location anni 50.....potrei subito trasferirmi in questo diner! 
Mi berrei un Elvis milkshake al giorno ;)


Needless to say, this whole diner experience was a dream to me! 1950s food, 1950s music, 1950s style location. I could easily move out of my house and live here. I'd have an Elvis milkshake everyday! <3

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Miss Cherry Makewell

Hi dolls,

Do you remember my burger and fries headscarf from Miss Cherry Makewell?? It's unforgettable but in case you missed out on the post here it is. Miss Cherry Makewell ( is an amazing store that offers gorgeous, vintage style and retro handmade accessories. The owner and designer of Miss Cherry Makewell is Jodie Dubberley and she is not only a talented, craftsy person, she's also so sweet and generous. She'll go out of her way for her clients. I have to add that her adorable French Bulldog is called Elvis so that makes me like her even more!! ;) 

To get an idea of what you'll find at MissCherryMakewell, here are my red flower studs, pineapple studs, ice lolly pocket mirror and......

the perfect rockabilly, leopard headscarf!!!
A closeup of the dainty red flower studs and the beautiful pineapple studs: 
Mmmmmm double popsicles! I carry this mirror around with me all the time:
Here below, I am wearing Miss Cherry Makewell's pineapple studs.  I love them so much! <3 I wore them at a Hawaiian Beach Party and they matched my top!
Three MissCherryMakewell items on one lucky gal! ;)

Ciao bambole! 

Vi ricordate la mia fascia per capelli con gli hamburger e le patatine di Miss Cherry Makewell? Beh è indimenticabile ma se non avete letto il post, eccolo quì. Miss Cherry Makewell è un negozio che vende accessori strepitosi, fatti a mano in stile vintage/retrò, tendenza rockabilly. La proprietaria e creatrice del negozio è Jodie Dubberly, una ragazza talentuosa ed altrettando dolce. Il suo bulldog francese si chiama Elvis quindi ho ancora più stima di lei!! ;) 

Adoro questi orecchini fiore rosso, orecchini ananas, specchietto ''ghiaccioli'' e la fascia per capelli leopardata!! Sono sbarazzini, kawaii e perfetti per il mio gusto rockabilly. Se non avete già visitato il suo negozio, lo straconsiglio!

If you haven't already taken a peek at MissCherryMakewell's store, I highly recommend it! There are big hair bows, watermelon earrings, headscarves with biscuits or popcorn all over!! Out of all the headscarves out there, Miss Cherry Makewell's are my favorite because they're soft, easy to tie, they taper at the ends and they're the perfect width and length. They're also reversible so you get two headscarves for the price of one and they're by far the cutest prints :) All of her items are gorgeously fun, high quality and most importantly, made with LOVE! 

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Candy German Box Review

Hallo guys and dolls!

Today, I'm going to show you an amazing box that I recently had the pleasure of discovering (and savouring), called Candy German ( Candy German is a monthly subscription box, full of authentic, German candies, cookies, snacks, chocolates, sweets and more! Yes, I already ate all the goodies. No, I don't feel guilty.....I see it as a ''cultural'' experience ;) Are you ready for a virtual tasting tour? This is very exciting because these German treats are so difficult to find anywhere outside Germany! Here below is the box I received; each Candy German box contains 6 - 8 handpicked, German delicacies by the way. My box contained 7 delicious goodies (and weighed about 1 kilo!):
Milka Tender Milch.  I'm a chocolate addict so the first item I grabbed out of the box was this chocolate covered, milk cream filled, spongy cake roll. I've never seen these in Italy! It's SO good. Or I should say SEHR gut :)
Haribo Sour Gummy Bears. Haribo is a well-known German confectionery company and though I do buy the regular Haribo gummy bears in Italy, I had never seen nor tried the sour version! I love sour candies so these are perfection (and so addictive)!!! The flavors contained in this bag are strawberry, green apple, lemon, orange, pineapple and rasberry. These little bears are coated in tangy-sour sugar....oh, I like them even more than the regular Haribo bears! 
Coppenrath Friesen Blatter. Thanks to the wonderful descriptions on Candy German's blog (here), I found out that Coppenrath is one of the most traditional cookie and pastry companies in Germany. These cookies are crunchy, buttery and coconutty. I tried to eat only one but that didn't work out..........
they're delicate yet luxurious:
 Fruchtiger Knusperpuffreis mit Mais by Frigeo. These are so much fun and so unique! They are little fruit-flavored puffed rice and corn balls that taste sweet and sour. I've never had anything like them! At first I thought they would be like Rice Krispies but these are more colorful and bursting with flavor!
Haribo Maoam Tropical Bloxx
I don't want to sound repetitive but these are sooo good. They're chewy candy and the flavors are exotic: passion fruit, pineapple-coconut, banana, pomegranate and mango-mandarin. There's nothing not to love about these candies. Plus, 5 pieces of these correspond to 5 portions of fruit,  right? ;)
Haribo Little Cupcakes. Where have you been all my life?? Oh, in Germany, of course. These are also so special and so cute! I don't know if they're available in other countries...they're definitely not available here in Italy and I think they're fairly new in Germany too! I had so much fun ''making'' the cupcakes. Yes, because you get to assemble the cupcakes yourself by choosing the cupcake ''base'' (lemon biscuit or caramel cookie) and then placing the ''frosting'' you like (blueberry, orange, vanilla, strawberry, cherry or lemon) on top. The consistency is particular; I thought they would feel like gummy bears but they're actually foamy! You have to try them out to see what I mean:
Almost too pretty to eat....ALMOST! ;)

Frigeo Ahoj-Brause. I found out that this product (Ahoj sherbet) is a very traditional German product that goes way back. You sprinkle the powder into a glass of water (or directly on to your tongue!) and it starts to fizz! The flavors I received are: raspberry, orange, lemon and sweet woodruff. They're sour yet sweet, refreshing and fun, both as a drink and as candy!! 
Here's a little clip of me trying out the raspberry Brause - Pulver on Instagram:
Ciao a tutti! 

Spero che vi sia piaciuta questa degustazione virtuale del contenuto della mia scatola di Candy German ( Quest'azienda che si trova a Colonia, spedisce ogni mese, una scatola piena di dolciumi, merendine, cioccolati, e snack tedeschi, autentici e golosissimi! I prodotti che spediscono sono difficilmente reperibili se non in Germania, il che rende questa box, un vero tesoro! Adoro scoprire novità, e quando si tratta di dolci...mamma mia, divento matta. Non so voi, ma io non ho mai visto le cupcakes di Haribo in Italia! Non sono adorabili?? E poi le bustine fruttati di ''polvere'' dolce-amara, che con l'aggiunta di acqua, diventano bevande dissetanti?? Poi i biscotti burrosi al cocco....tutto mi è piaciuto insomma! Mi sono divertita tantissimo e le mie papille gustative e la mia pancia sono rimaste pienamente soddisfatte. Box straconsigliato! Candy German spedisce ovunque, anche in Italia, gratis. 
Auf wiedersehen!


After trying out all these German delights, I'm thinking of moving to Germany. Then again, I don't need to actually transfer to Cologne because Candy German delivers worldwide for free! I'm sure you are also impressed by the contents of this Candy German box. The sweets are one-of-a-kind and I can guarantee that they are delicious. The service is equally sweet, by the way!

A special thank you in fact, to the founders of Candy German, Natascha and Mark for creating such a unique, fun and delicious box and for making it available to candy lovers all around the globe. That way, no matter where you live, you can have a taste of Germany at your door!