Sunday, March 23, 2014

Lazy sunday

Hello cookies, how have you been? We enjoyed a bit of sunshine recently but looks like bad weather is back to torment us. Wind, bouts of rain, humidity. I hate when you can't figure out if it's hot or cold. Anyway, the sun's gotta come out sooner or later! I just feel like staying at home and watching movies all day long. Sundays are meant for lazing around, no?:)

Ciao biscottini, come state? Il sole si è fatto vedere per un po' ma oggi di un tratto si è messo a piovere. E' umido, c'è un vento...odio quando non si capisce se fa freddo o caldo. Comunque, il sole dovrà tornare a risplendere prima o poi! Intanto me ne sto a casuccia a guardarmi film su RaiMovie. Le domeniche sono fatte per rilassarsi e oziare, no?:)

Got this cute sweater with a collar from ASOS
Maglione con colletto da ASOS
Made noodles with minced turkey, broccoli and yellow bell peppers
Ho preparato dei noodles con tacchino macinato, broccoli e peperoni gialli
My friend Haruka gave me some goodies from Japan. Green tea Kit Kat, Pretz (which is a salty version of Pocky sticks), a matsuri sweet and Hello Kitty stickers.
La mia amica Haruka mi ha regalato delle cosette dal Giappone ^_^ Kit Kat al the verde, un dolcetto matsuri, Pretz (versione salata dei Mikado) e degli adesivi Hello Kitty.
Sayonara for now ~


  1. E vero oggi si sta bene rannicchiati in casa perché fuori piove e fa freddo
    ciao Caramella buona visione.

  2. Raining here in Sicily too. Love the sweater, you look so cute with the blue flower! I see lots of improvement in cooking:)

  3. Hey Cookie! You're looking very sunny. Green Tea Kit Kat? That sounds almost as wonderful as a big bowl of noodles!

  4. Love that sweater, so cute! and wow I really want to taste that Kit Kat!

  5. You look pretty the food looks delicious need to share recipe if you can.

  6. Looking lovely! I love that collar. And what sweet little goodies!

  7. Green tea flavor? interesting

  8. This is a pretty sweater and looks even better with the collar. The noodles look delicious.

  9. oh the mocha Kit Kat is only available in Japan
    I would like to try it long ago
    the hello kitty sticker is cute
    Hi Caramella,
    Can I ask you to do me a favor by following me back?
    I'm following your blog about a month ago suggested by your mum
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    Looking forward to see you in my gfc list

    1. my gfc is working
      if not, try click more option
      it should be working
      we can follow thru g+ too
      thank you

  10. Oh, what a cute sweater. And Hello Kitty is the best!

    xoxo Perlchen Noir

  11. Oh the weather! sometimes it's difficult to dress for it, and I loathe being too warm! you are gorgeous in your jumper! it's lovely! and green tea kit-kat ooooh, I bet it was delicious, a nice desert after your yum noodles x x x

  12. Aah Caramella, you are dressed for the nasty weather and as it changes, just take off that lovely sweater to show your cute blouse. Your treats look delicious and what a yummy dish with noodles with minced turkey, broccoli and yellow bell peppers - now I could handle that plus the treats. Hope your weather improves, we still have tons of snow and more coming this week. I am looking forward to spring. Have a lovely day my dear. lol

  13. great post !
    I really wanna try this green kit kat!
    xoxo Rose


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  15. hai fatto i noodles? Io li adoro!! Bello il maglioncino che hai preso da asos!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  16. Carino il tuo maglioncino!!!
    Baci cara!!!
    Passa a trovarmi VeryFP

  17. Those Hello Kitty stickers are all just so cute!

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  19. Il Kit Kat al té verde?! Forteee! Io ieri finalmente ho ripreso il té matcha, e mi sento già meglio!
    Carinissimo tutto, soprattutto il tuo maglioncino e te! Per il tempo.. fa più freddo che in inverno, mahhh

  20. Great post! I love that kitkat a lot!

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    What Kenny Hearts a Lifestyle Blog

  21. Oh your post makes me hunger!! Hahahaha
    I really love the Kitty sttikers!!
    Kisse from Spain

  22. Nice pics! Love these styles! They all look genius!
    Thanks for your sharing and posting!
    Have a nice day!

  23. ciao cara grazie del tuo commento;)buona serata^_^un bacione

  24. Yes, we're all waiting for the sun down here too! Love your blue jumper and the Kittie stickers!

  25. Ho un maglioncino simile al tuo ma in rosa!

  26. I love those Green Tea Kit Kats, They are really really good, my favorite flavor of kitkat, so happy they are sold here too. Love your cute Blog!

  27. that's a really cute sweater. and you are so adorable to look at :)

  28. You are so cute!! I love that you also speak Italian. I studied it in college, but have lost so much of it! Maybe I can pick some up while reading your blog!! Thanks for saying hi today on my blog:) love Katie

  29. Very beautiful pictures
    Wanna follow each other via gfc & bloglovin
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  30. your header makes me sooo hungry :O

  31. i kit-kat al the verde li vorrei davvero provare....e i noodles....che fameee!!

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  33. the cooking looks so yummy

  34. I love everything that has hello kitty on

  35. Looks like you had a great day. Cute sweater, yummy noodles and great goodies from Japan! I would love to get my hands on those green tea Kit Kats!!!

  36. Hey you´ve a great blog!
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  37. Have you eaten the green tea kit kats yet? Those are soooo good!

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    I follow everyone back. :)

    Sandy |

  38. ciao Kit kat al the verde......mai sentito. Mi ha incuriosito molto questo prodotto.

  39. Omg Im so jealous this jumper is so cool !
    I figure Im not on Asos often though... But so Silly i miss it haha
    Anyway, it looks really pretty on you thats Nice :)
    Cheers From Paris,