Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Japan Centre in London

I recently went to London for a few days (will tell you the main reason why I went there in another post). There, right by Piccadilly Circus, is 'Japan Centre' where you'll find all sorts of Japanese goods, from takoyaki to manga comics. Being half Japanese, I just had to drop by :) 

Di recente sono andata a Londra per un paio di giorni (vi dirò il motivo per cui sono andata nei prossimi post). Lì accanto a Piccadilly Circus, si trova il 'Japan Centre'. Un negozio pieno zeppo di prodotti giapponesi, dal takoyaki fino ai manga. Essendo metà giapponese, non potevo non farci un salto :)

Freshly baked sweet buns filled with red beans:

                                     Totoro lunchboxes!
                                     Green tea Kit Kat:

                                     Yes, I ate Hello Kitty.

Sayonara for now! 


  1. Beautiful post, really interesting...thx for sharing!

  2. We rarely have too many Japanese-centered stores here. A lot of asian grocery stores have some stuff (mostly candy) but the rest of it is stuff from Southeast asia or Thailand. We do have one store at a nearby mall that sells a lot of things from Japanese pop culture

  3. *_________*ohhhhhhhhh mamam che meraviglia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*______*

  4. Oooh! I'm intrigued why you went to London! yum food though, I'm now very, very hungry hehe!! x x x

  5. Ah lovely , great food places . Must admit have never tried Japanese food. London we wonder why..

  6. Thank you for visiting my blog, looks like you have found some interesting places around London - I will look out for them next time I am there. I have never heard of green tea kit-kat before! Betty

  7. Japanese packaged goods are always done so nicely! They are geniuses when it comes to presentation. Here in NYC Japanese outlets are FAR outnumbered by Chinese, Korean, and Indian grocery stores. I must say that I am becoming ravenous just looking at your pics.

    Tonight the wife and I will be hitting our fave Chinese noodle shop -- China Fun (64th Street & 2nd Avenue).

    As a side note, I did not realize that you are half Italian (I am 100% Italian) and half Japanese: what a great combination -- two wonderful cultures with EXCELLENT food choices...

    BTW, I adore your retro-1950's look!