Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Skoshbox - A taste of Japan at your doorstep!

Are you ready for a virtual taste of Japan? Put on your tastebelts seatbelts!!!

Skoshbox (www.skoshbox.comis a monthly subscription box, full of hand-picked, authentic, Japanese goodies including candies, chocolates, cookies, savory snacks and accessories. Some of the snacks in a Skoshbox are all time favorites and classics that will transport you to a traditional Japan while the other quirky, novelty snacks will plunge you into a modern, continuously innovative Japan. To make the experience even more fun, there’s also the thrill factor: each month, the contents of a Skoshbox is a surprise! I’m all for suspense, especially if you get to eat it in the end! Any of the items found in the boxes you are about to see can be purchased individually on Skoshbox’s website. 

The first thing you’ll notice is the beautiful packaging. I almost didn’t want to open the boxes but you know, curiosity and hunger got the best of me....
The aqua blue box is the regular sized Skoshbox while the yellow one is a bigger version, called Dekabox. ''Sukoshi'' means ''a little'' while ''dekai'' means ''huge'' in Japanese, hence the names of the boxes :)
The regular sized Skoshbox contains from 8-11 snack samples. October’s Skoshbox contains a total of 9 items and as you can see, the box comes with a very helpful description card, including an ingredient list, in English.
 A closeup of the items inside October's Skoshbox:
Munch time! 

Meiji Torotto Choco-Bites: the moment I placed one in my mouth, I knew we were soul mates! These are like little morsels of fudge brownies with gooey chocolate inside. It says 'doesn't melt, in your hands, even in summer'' in Japanese on the package. Isn't that incredible??

Kimchi Senbei: these mini rice crackers are packed with spicy flavor. I tried a couple and somehow ended up eating the whole package. Go figure!

Ramune Bottle Candy: Ramune is an old school Japanese soda. The original soda tastes similar to 7UP or Sprite and these pill type, tart candies taste just like the carbonated beverage!

Nama-Ume Candy: these hard candies are filled with gooey plum jam. They taste salty and sour, just like umeboshi (Japanese pickled plums). Umeboshi are real good for you.  That's why I quickly ate all three candies ;)
Blueberry Plus Bar: A wafer filled with milky, blueberry cream.  I'm always used to eating chocolate or vanilla filled wafers but this one was surprisingly good!

Chocolate Pie Stick: The name speaks for itself...a flaky crust surrounding a delicious chocolatey chic too! Not a candy bar, but a pastry bar :)

Kajiri-Cho Soft Candy: This chewy candy is bursting with grape soda flavor! I love grape soda and I love candy so this one is irresistible. You have to try it!
The Dekabox (below) is twice the size of the Skoshbox (above)
and weighs about 1 lb (0.5 kilos!!)
      October’s Dekabox contains 11 snacks plus one accessory item:
Closeup of the contents of October's Dekabox:
Sakupan - Choco Monaka: Monaka is a Japanese traditional wafer and this one comes in the shape of a panda, filled with mousse-y milk and white chocolate. Yum! I'm not a kid anymore but I love fun shaped snacks!

Sono-Manma Peach Gum: They look like normal little gum balls but they are sooo peachy and tasty! Two of the balls are sweet while one is deliciously sour.

KitKat Bake (Cheesecake): Love these! Perfect for sweet tooths. You can bake 'em in the oven for a few seconds but I couldn't wait, so I ate them right away!

Animal Grip Eraser: Looook at the little black kitty. This one goes right on top of my pencil but I don't want to use it because it's too cute!
Ika - Peanut Mix: These are squid senbei (Japanese rice cracker) balls filled with peanuts. I used to eat these when I was little, with my ojii-chan (grandpa) and I still love them. Squid might scare you but trust me, the flavor is very subtle!

Suppasugiru Ume: these are super sour gummy candies. I love sour but if you're not used to it, take baby steps; one piece at a time! It says on the pack that, a bag of this equals your daily vitamin C intake. Enough said! :)

Otona - Zeitaku Chocoball: These are delicious peanuts covered in premium, dark chocolate. A classier, ''adultier'' version of M&Ms. 

Lotte Koala's March - Wata Ame: I used to eat these as a child so they make me very nostalgic!! These are bite-sized, koala shaped cookies, filled with a cotton candy flavored cream. Too cute and addictive! 
As if the contents of the two boxes above aren't enough to feed your appetite, here are more snacks which you can purchase separately at Skoshbox:

Glico Cream Collon: Don't worry, these have absolutely nothing to do with anyone's colon!!! Collon are wafer-like ,flakey pastries filled with a super sweet, vanilla cream. Again, once you start, you can't stop!

Glico Bisco: these are finger licking, buttery biscuits with a creamy filling. 

DIY Choco - Banana Kit: I'll show you the inside of the pack another time. There are little marshmallow type banana candies that you dip into a chocolate sauce and adorable sprinkles! Ah, they come up with the cutest things in Japan! <3

Panda Corn Puffs: I was expecting a usual corn snack flavor but these were something else!! They're tantalizingly salty and sweet at the same time. I almost finished the whole bag until I realized I had to take a picture of them! You can tell how passionately I was holding the bag, as it's all wrinkled up :))
Ciao a tutti! Spero che vi sia piaciuta la degustazione virtuale di tutte le sfiziosità contenute nei Skoshbox. Skoshbox è un servizio in abbonamento che spedisce una volta al mese una scatola di dolciumi divertenti, spuntini deliziosi e anche accessori giapponesi DOC. Ci sono due opzioni: il Skoshbox e il Dekabox (quello più grande) ma si possono anche ordinare i prodotti singolarmente e c'è davvero l'imbarazzo della scelta sul loro sito:
Grazie a Skoshbox, potete avere un assaggio del giappone a casa vostra!


I’m extremely impressed by the fun selection, quality and variety of the strictly Japanese products offered by Skoshbox. The service is also fantastic. If you love Japan and you love snacks and if your palate just loves exploring new sensations, I can't think of a better Japanese snack subscription box than Skoshbox.

Let’s face it, there are some things that you can only find in Japan and the founders of Skoshbox knew this. That’s why they deserve a huge ''Arigatou gozaimasu'' for creating Skoshbox. Now we can say ''there are some things that you can only find in Japan...and in a Skoshbox!!!'' :)

Sayonara for now ~


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  2. I have to say this sounds fantastic! I would love to try this out! So many fun and unique snacks in each one. I do like how they give you a print out of what each thing is in english as then you know what to expect when you taste it! Thanks so much for letting me know about this!


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