Monday, March 27, 2017

ROLL & GO HAIR TOOL - Review and International Giveaway!

Hi dolls!

I am so excited to show you an incredible and groundbreaking hair tool for creating vintage-inspired hairstyles! It’s called the Roll & Go Hair Tool, invented by Lauren Rennells. Lauren is an amazing makeup artist and hairdresser. She is also the owner of the vintage hairstyling store and she runs the Bobby Pin Blog. You may already own her book, Vintage Hairstyling and her Rockin Rollers  (which I gleefully reviewed here). 

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better, Lauren invented this innovative hair tool that is perfect for creating pin curls, victory rolls, bumper bangs, buns, French twists, you name it! Not only is this tool useful for vintage-style hairdos, it’s extremely handy for making twirly-curly shapes for more modern looking hairstyles. Being so versatile,  you can let your imagination run wild with the Roll & Go Hair Tool!  

Here’s a closeup of the Roll & Go Hair Tool. As you can see it’s a fun and very unique comb with long teeth for rolling and twisting and there’s a comfy central grip for you to hold. These are just a few examples of the hairstyles you can create with the tool: 

The Roll Go Hair tool came in the cute box below........
 ...which also includes bobby pins and a very helpful 32 page instructional booklet filled with step-by-step guides and tips. 
I decided to get rollin' ;) and tried the Roll Bangs first, following the instructions in the booklet. All it takes are 5 easy steps.........
Here I am securing the roll with bobby pins:
Ta-da! Easy as pie! Here are my roll bangs, using the Roll Go Hair Tool:
I also tried out a similar roll, but slightly sideways 
(Lauren's Upright Suicide Roll Tutorial can be seen here):
This is the result! I love how the roll turned out. It looks like a big wave <3 
I would never be able to achieve these styles without the Roll & Go Hair tool!

What I love about the Roll & Go Hair Tool:

-It’s SO easy to use
-It doesn’t require any heat or water!!!
-No tangling; it’s gentle on your hair
-It has two different sized ends so you can create big rolls or smaller rolls  according to your preference
-Its convenient size and weight; you can carry it in your bag and travel with it
-It’s fun!
-It’s a vintage lady’s DREAM

Also, you might have noticed that I often sport bumper bangs (also known as roll bangs) but frankly speaking, I’ve always found it time consuming and tedious creating them myself with no tools. I also often ended up making my rolls huge, much to my despair. I used to try using foam rolls but the visible spongy rolls are not aesthetically pleasing. This is why I couldn’t believe it when Lauren Rennells created the perfect tool to rescue me!

The Roll & Go Hair Tool makes life easier for all rockabilly and pin up dolls. It’s a must have for vintage lovers and all women who like to experiment with fun hairdos. I strongly recommend this revolutionary tool, ladies. You can purchase the Roll Go Hair Tool on Amazon (click here) and at:

Thank you, Lauren Rennels for making a rockabilly gal’s dream come true! J



Lauren is also kindly offering to give one of you lucky readers her Roll & Go Hair Tool! To enter this international giveaway, please follow the below instructions:

1.) Follow Lauren Rennells on Instagram ( and/or Facebook (

2.) Sign up for Vintage Hairstyling's newsletter here:

3.) Follow my Instagram (@hungrycaramella) too and this blog :)

4.) Comment under this post, stating that you'd like to win the Roll 
Go Hair Tool, leaving your e-mail address (or I'll contact you via one of your socials).

The winner will be contacted on April 10th! Good luck and get rollin'! ;)


  1. Looks really cool!
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  2. That looks amazing! would love to win one of these!

  3. You look beautiful Dear:)

  4. Wow that's so awesome, yes I would love to win one of these please. :)

  5. E' sempre perfetto il tuo hairstyle!
    Kisses, Paola.

  6. nice post! this roll goo is super nice!

  7. Great hair tool!
    I love the name of your blog, unique. :)

    Kathy's delight / Instagram

  8. un accessorio molto interessante da provare sicuramente
    un bacione

  9. Davvero originali ed interessanti questi accessori! :D

  10. un accessorio indispensabile per questo genere di hair style
    nuova recensione sul mio blog <<< Gipsyway il fashion marketplace per comprare e vendere capi second hand >>>
    buon martedì, un abbraccio

  11. These is such a handy tool for creating those retro looks! Your tutorial is so helpful and very easy to follow and your finished look is gorgeous.

    Keisha xo

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    xoxo, Vanessa

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    Treats and Trends

  14. tool for creating those retro looks!!!! perfect!

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  18. Looks amazing and easy to use too!

    Gemma x

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  20. What a cool tool! Your hair looks fab. Good luck to everyone.

  21. I have seen this tool before but this is a fantastic review! I don't do rolls too often with my hair, but with this gadget I sure would :)

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  23. Hi!! I will love win this tool!!! fantastic rewiev darling!
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  24. Super cute. Love the final result and the fact that it doesn't take much time.
    I just followed your lovely blog (#1450). Please follow back. Stay in touch.

  25. This is so cool! I think it also makes live a little easier when you have super long hair!
    xx Leah

  26. What a great tool! I like that it's so easy to use and you don't need to heat it up or anything, wonderfully simple! :)

    Good luck to everyone entering the giveaway!

    Hope your Monday is going well and you are having a really good start to the week!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  27. This looks like a versatile product.
    God luck to everyone who entered.

  28. Thank you for the giveaway!

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  30. aww this is so cool, I love how you made your hair :)

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