Monday, March 20, 2017

StyleWe - A classy and unique online fashion shopping platform

Hi cookies!

How are you? I'm doing some spring cleaning these days and I found so many clothes in my room that I don't wear or that I had forgotten about. How did I accumulate all these clothes?? I'm definitely a horder and I might end up on one of those TV shows one day........oh but how can I resist a pretty dress! 

Speaking of pretty dresses, I love the selection of classy dresses that the online store, StyleWe offers. Have you visited or bought from this shop? StyleWe sells gorgeous dresses, tops, bags, shoes, knitwear, skirts, sportswear etc. that are all designed by independent fashion designers. This is why their items are so unique and special. They cover all sorts of styles, catering to women of all ages. In fact one of their priorities is to cater to everyone. They believe in communicating with their clients and they deliver the highest quality fashion items. I simply can't resist. Here are a few of my favorite vintage-inspired items by StyleWe:

Squeal! Dots and a peter pan collar! <3


Deep Gray Crew Neck A-line Simple Cotton-blend Midi Dress with Belt

This red dress is so classically beautiful. A must have! 
How adorable is this yellow dress with the white collar???? <3

And because I'm in the mood for summer...........

Ciao biscottini,

Come state? Sto facendo un po' di pulizia primaverile e ho scovato parecchi vestiti che o non ho mai indossato oppure che non sapevo nemmeno di avere. Sono un accumulatrice compulsiva e vi dico che un giorno finirò su uno di quei programmi in come faccio a resistere a un bel abitino?? Come quelli che vi ho appena mostrato! Tutti questi bei capi sono di StyleWe, un negozio di abbigliamento online che vende articoli di classe, di altissima qualità soprattutto unici. Sì, decisamente unici ed esclusivi perché tutti i capi sono stati creati da designer indipendenti. Da StyleWe troverete stili di ogni tipo ma il mio occhio cade sulla loro selezione stile vintage, ovviamente ;) Vi ho anche mostrato il loro bikini retrò perché meglio essere preparate per l'estate, no? <3

Marvelous, right? I also really like their cute rompers and jumpsuits and with summer 'round the corner, we'll soon be able to flaunt our shoulders...the perfect item to wear is a black off the shoulder top. These tops are actually from JustFashionNow, another amazing designer boutique which you should check out! Here is an post about how to prevent cameltoe in case you're interested.....ta ta for now dolls!


  1. wow those dresses are amazing!:)

  2. Love them!!! ♥ Blue velvet dress it´s absolutly gorgeous!

  3. I also hoard clothes but I cannot bare to part with most of them!! Nice post Diane

  4. ah that last bathing suit!