Wednesday, December 6, 2017

My Trip to Japan!

Konnichiwa Guys and Dolls! 

It's been a while since my last post. Can't believe it's already December! I also can't believe that last month I went to JAPAN. Japan was a dream, but the flight was a nightmare (13 hours on the most uncomfortable seat ever!!! Who on earth invented those seats?). The jet lag was a pain in the neck too but it was worth it. Japan is one of my favorite countries. I'll never stop being impressed and amazed by how organized everything is in the land of the rising sun. Everything is user-friendly, customer service oriented, people are polite and rules are actually followed! Oh and the variety of food in Japan is just......WOW. 

I love how Japan is very traditional yet super modern at the same time, and how creativity and originality are infinite over there!!! 😄😍 

My stay was very short but I got to spend quality time with my pal and 
my hero: my ojiichan (grandfather). He is 99 years old and he's the best ❤ 

Needless to say, I love my grandpa and I love Japanese food so the first thing I did when I got off the plane at Narita Airport, 
was eat a bowl of wholesome ramen:
Second stop: Ojiichan's home:
My grandpa Yoshi drinks Yakult everyday. He's a big fan 👌😂
My ojiichan loves to play shogi (Japanese chess):
Like grandfather, like granddaugther ❤
This was the first time I ever tried shabu-shabu! Delicious and fun:

Extremely realistic food models/samples that you see at restaurants in Japan: 
Katsu Curry and a variety of desserts
Real GYOUZA (the most delicious dumplings):
Takeaway Chirashizushi:
Hot green tea and green tea ice cream....GREEN TEA HEAVEN!
I ate a lot but I also drank my favorite drinks: 
 Royal Milk Tea (it actually stays hot in this plastic bottle!!):
For Halloween, I was a pumpkin and I drank Calpis 
(a sweet, yogurt flavored drink). It's SO good:
Soba noodles (made out of buckwheat) topped with an egg, green onion and tempura at Utsunomiya Station (yes, you eat these amazing noodles while standing!). This is Japanese fast food, baby:
No trip to Japan is complete without meeting Hello Kitty 😉
Shopping is so much fun in Japan! You'll literally find everything under the sun (including peculiar novelty socks 😄):
Beautiful kimonos:
Candy and snack land. I went crazy in this store. I could live here forever:
I obviously stocked up. 
Where else are you gonna find green tea KitKat, noodle snacks and 
salad flavored corn rings?!?!
Saw the most beautiful guitar in the world at a music shop. 
One day this Gretsch will be mine:
Another rockin' guitar is the Rickenbacker guitar, which The Beatles played:
A very oishii (yummy) bento:
Senbei (Japanese rice crackers), green tea ice cream, green tea mochi....
ANPAN!!! 💚 This is a sweet bun filled with a sweet red bean paste:

Here's my sweetest anpan 😉💗


  1. Your grandfather is great, simply lovely!!!!!!I went to Japan 6 month ago, on my honeymoon, and I can´t wait to visit again

  2. Japan seems like such an amazing place! With amazing food! I'm glad you had a wonderful time, and got to visit your grandfather :)

  3. Lovely account of your visit to Japan! The food is mouth watering!

  4. Complimenti per il nonno cara Caramella, un personaggio di un'altra stoffa spero che ti sei divertita. Ciao e buona festa dell'Immacolata, un bacione Angelo.

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  10. Ciao,sei molto simpatica,anche io amo il giappone!Tuo nonno è stupendo!!

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