Monday, April 16, 2018

3CE Cosmetics Review

Hi cookies,

I recently received some 3 Concept Eyes products from and I'm really liking them! In case you haven't heard of it, 3CE is a popular Korean makeup brand. Their packaging is super cute and being half Asian, I find that their products really suit my skin tone. 

I got 3 lipsticks and a pore minimizer:
This below is the 3CE Stylenanda Back to Baby Pore Velvet Primer and ladies, I have tried so many pore minimizers but none work as well as this one! Wow. It really helps blur out large pores and a little goes a long way:
This is the Love 3CE Glossy Lipstick in Small Step:
The lipstick looks kind of salmon in the tube but on the lips, it's a milky, peachy, nude shade. It is really subtle and delicate but lovely nonetheless! It glides on so smoothly and makes your lips nice and shiny. Nude colors usually wash me out but this one doesn't 😍

Here below is the 3CE Velvet Lipstick in Girls Girls:

This is a tomato red lipstick and it has a matte finish. 
My mamma (who is the coolest blogger 😚: is wearing #Girls Girls and I'm wearing #Small Step here:
The third lipstick I got is the 3CE mood recipe matte lip color in Rows:
I am not a fan of brown lipstick so I went "Ugh" when I saw this in the tube. However, though this lipstick looks brown in the tube, once applied, it's a gorgeous dark, peachy nude. I find it slightly drying but if you prep your lips beforehand and apply a bit of lip balm, all is good! It makes my lips look plumper. I find that it looks like the kind of shade top models wear while pouting in fancy ads 😃

Have you ever tried any 3CE/Stylenanda products?


  1. Woww, love them, and the packaging is so cute!! Nice day dear!!

  2. I've never heard of these, but they're so cute!

  3. I don't wear make-up, so I never heard of 3CE and I live in Korea! Nice products and colours :3

  4. 3CE! This makeup brand is still on my wishlist. I wanna try em soon. I love their packaging just look at those glossy lipsticks.

    Mica |

  5. Molto carini questi rossetti,mi piace soprattutto il primo! :)

  6. These are beautiful colors! I also love the packaging of these products.

    cabin twenty-four

  7. Oh my! The packaging is everything.

  8. These makeup products are so cute! I haven't tried 3CE/Stylenanda products before but wouldn't mind trying them out!

  9. I heard that their dropper foundation and primer are really good, now LOreal bought most of the brand I am waiting for it to be more available in US...I just hope they don't raise the price.

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