Friday, September 14, 2018

JAPAN CANDY BOX - International Giveaway!

Konnichiwa cookies!

I have so many treats to show you and one of you lucky readers is actually going to win a box full of similar treats yourself! 😏 

Japan Candy Box ( is a fantastic subscription box full of sweet and salty snacks from Tokyo. The snacks in this box are seasonal, limited edition and exclusive. I confirm that everything is not only scrumptious but also super cute and unique! Here is what I received in my Japan Candy Box (June Edition):
 Tohato - Kyarintou Green Tea Corn Snack
Sweet puffed corn snacks that taste like heavenly green tea!
 Dole Dessert Gummy - Peach and Yogurt flavor
These taste like peach yogurt. Sweet and slightly tart at the same time. Not only are these gummy candies delicious, they also contain probiotics and collagen!

Nicotto Vanilla Cream Biscuit Sandwich
These look like bite sized oreos and taste just like them! 
 Umaibo Vegetable Salad flavored Corn Snack
When I went to Japan in October, I bought myself many of these because they're just so good! They don't literally taste like salad haha but they're salty and packed with flavor that I can't describe!

Calbee Black Pepper Potato Chips
Spicy thick potato chips. Addictive!
 Dorachoco - Mini Dorayaki Filled with Chocolate Cream
Dorayaki is a traditional Japanese dessert. It's basically a pancake sandwich with a sweet bean paste filling. These mini dorayaki are filled with a luscious chocolate cream. They're amazing!

Kakigori (Shaved Ice) Strawberry Flavored Chewing Gum
These gum sticks surprised me because I felt like I was chewing on actual crushed ice and as I started chewing, the gum felt cool in my mouth too! How is that possible? 😃
 Fuwarinka Rose Flavored Chewing Gum
This actually more of a beauty supplement! 😄 This chewing gum contains collagen, hyaluronic acid and rose oil. Isn't that incredible? Fresh breath and wrinkle preventing chewing gum! 

Sanrio Characters Ribbon Biscuits
Light, crisp ribbon shaped cookies with Hello Kitty images on them! Sooo cute and tasty!

Anpanman KoroKoro Choco Balls
Anpanman is a famous Japanese cartoon superhero and these are chocolate covered biscuits. Oishiiii (delicious!)
Pretty impressive contents, right? 😍 Well, if you'd like to win your very own Japan Candy Box, enter the gadget below. It's easy; just log in using your e-mail or via one or more of your socials. Wishin' you lots of sweet luck!  

Sayaka Alessandra Japan Candy Box Giveaway


  1. These treats look adorable and delicious!

  2. Would try the black pepper chips

  3. never try a snack box from other countries before. but would like to

  4. Dorachoco - Mini Dorayaki Filled with Chocolate Cream looks really good never had international candy all looks good!!!!

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  6. I love this kind of things <3 Thank you for this opportunity!

  7. The Sanrio Characters Ribbon Biscuits are my fav! Love seeing things with Sanrio mascots on them!

  8. Hello, thanks for the information. Have a nice day

  9. What a fantastic food and candy my dear !!!

  10. Hi,I never try a snack box from other countries before,but it looks tasty.