Sunday, September 13, 2015

Atomic Swag

Ciao everyone, or I should say ''Howdy'' today! ;)

I'm sure you've heard of Atomic Swag, a California based company that designs and sells the best retro and vintage reproduction T-shirts ever!

What, you haven't visited this shop yet?? Well hop on your horses and giddy up over there (! Atomic Swag tees are sellin' like hotcakes and it's no surprise; not only are these T-shirts printed with a variety of beautiful vintage designs that'll take you back to the fifties, they're also made the old fashioned way. Made out of 100% cotton, these tees are pre-shrunk and super soft. The nostalgic images are drawn with water based inks so rest assured that the illustrations ain't going nowhere. My cowboy's staying put!

Here I am wearing one of Atomic Swag's top selling tees:
 the Texas State Souvenir Ladies Tee. Isn't it so much fun??
My rockin' mamma, SaucySiciliana, who always wants to appear on my blog, is wearing Atomic Swag's Long Beach Road Race Ladies Tee. She's wearing a size Medium and as you can see below it's a little looser than the size Small I'm wearing, but my mama likes her shirts more relaxed so we're two happy gals.
So many people were eyeing our shirts as we were walking around. Not only because you don't see many cowboys in Italy but because the colors and the designs of these tees are so attractive!
Here I am with a couple of Italian stallions ;)

Ciao a tutti! Le bellissime magliette che mia madre -deve sempre impicciarsi!! :)- ed io sfoggiamo in queste foto sono di Atomic Swag, una marca Californiana specializzata in T-shirt retrò, con stampe mooolto vintage. Queste tees stanno andando a ruba ed il perché è ovvio. Le magliette di Atomic Swag non sono solo retrò, sono fatte pure in manierà retrò! 100% cotone, pre-ristretti e l'inchiostro usato è a base di acqua, quindi le immagini non sbiadiscono. E che immagini! In questo negozio troverete altre magliette divertenti con immagini nostalgiche di ragazze pin up, dal Nevada alle Hawaii. Offrono anche magliette per uomini e bambini e il servizio è davvero impeccabile. Tre aggettivi per descrivere le tees di Atomic Swag: retròissimi, accativantissimi e morbidissimi
Grazie alla spedizione in tutto il mondo, adesso un po' del vecchio West e la California Long Beach sono arrivati in Italia :)


If I had to choose three adjectives to describe Atomic Swag Tees, I'd say: so retro, so eye-catching and so soft. So is an adverb, right?? My mom and I just love the fun, old school prints, the excellent quality and the flattering cut of these tees. 

You'll find many other playful, vintage style, Americana T-shirts at Atomic Swag, including images of pin-up girls, Davy Crockett, wild cats and much more. It's like a dream shop for vintage lovers! Tees for men and kids are available too and to top it off, Atomic Swag's staff is so friendly and sweet. Thanks to worldwide shipping, a bit of ol' Texas and Long Beach California has come to Italy :) 

Stay tuned for new designs by keeping your eyes glued to Atomic Swag's site!


  1. ma che coppia di vere pin-up! Le magliette sono strepitose e anche i vostri tua mamma indossa una gonna troppo forte!!! Belli i cavalli!!

  2. È proprio vero, riesci sempre a trovare colorati look che trasmettono simpatia e allegria.
    Chissà se un giorno riuscirò a convincere mia madre a posare per i miei bijoux. .... intanto complimenti alla tua!

  3. Che bellissime foto! Un bacione.

  4. Loving the photos! You both look great!

    Ash | Liakada

  5. The t-shirts look fun. Nice ensemble.

  6. You and your mom are so cute! This brand is new to me but I totally need to check them out now.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  7. Love your pants

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  8. never heard of that shop, it's so cool :o

  9. I've been eyeing of these tees for a while now, I hope to buy one for myself one day! Love it with that red wiggle skirt too. :)

  10. Very nice t-shirts. You both look lovely :-) Happy monday!

  11. mi piacciono moltissimo le tee!
    ma che carine le foto con la tua mamma!
    siete entrambe bellissime!

    un bacio

  12. Wow... really enjoying to see 2 happy ladies. :) the t - shirt looks fun.
    Ps : i have followed you

  13. Aw, I love the matching! So cute


  14. So adorable love it how you both match.

  15. too cute matchy outfit. .i love your looks. Great blog you have, stay inspired!


    I can rock any outfits, come follow my online diary

  16. You girls are soooo cute. Love this post.

  17. Si davvero bellissimo colori vivi e allegri! Ottimo post!! Buona serata ciao Andrea

  18. I'm so glad I've found your blog! I love your style and your hair is amazing

    This Kid Is Alright

  19. You guys are the cutest! I love your matching outfits :)
    Great location too xox

  20. Oh my god, you two are the cutest in the world!

  21. You two are so cute! I just love these fun printed tees! I think they are completely unique and something I would love to wear! I will have to check them out!


  22. Oh sweetie both are so cute, I love it the tshirts

  23. Momma Mia - you got that right. I think you should sing together - WOW - WHAT A GREAT THOUGHT. Great, super, lovely photos and I am smiling. Have a wonderful day sweetie and hi to Momma Mia (my fav movie with Meryl Streep). Cheers.

  24. Bellissime! *_*
    Adoro questi due look, super trendy! :D

  25. Like your fun look - the shirt is so cool!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  26. stupende queste tee che indossate oggi
    buon mercoledì
    un bacione
    tr3ndygirl fashion blog

  27. Love your vintage t's! You look fabulous in it. Thanks for visiting my blog recently and leaving a comment, that's how I found your blog. You have great style! I'll be following your blog via G+ and Bloglovin from now on. Hope you will follow me as well. Have a great rest of the week!

    Much Love,

  28. Ciao Caramella!!! sai che ho visto su IG quel graziosissimo video dove suoni e canti blue suede shoes! sei troppo simpatica! :)))) così eccomi qua! Il tuo blog mi piace un sacco, adoro gli anni 50!!!
    Questo post è fantastico, le tee di questo brand sono troppo carine!!! eheheh anche tua mamma è troppo simpatica con quella tee!! Siete bellissime!
    un bacione!!! :)))
    Ariarosso - Different T-shirt, different people

  29. What gorgeous tees! And your mumma is so gorgeous. This has to be my favorite post EVER!


  30. This tee shirt is so retro and cute :) You are your mum are both gorgeous

    Rachel xx

  31. wow you look so cute ! absolutely something I would wear. so retro and cute !:D

  32. Now I see where you get you awesome style from xo

  33. Non conoscevo questo brand ma rimedierò! Ma quanto siete belle voi? Adorabili! Baci,
    Coco et La vie en rose fashion blog - Valeria Arizzi

  34. *_* wow disn't knoe about, but really great tee, love so much the bold colors, great kisses for you both

    Melange-Boutique Blog by Noe&Lolita

  35. You are beautiful :))

  36. Not usually a fan of tees but wow, I really love these vintage designs. Perfectly styled with the headband and sneakers as well.


  37. Amazing tees! Love the look so much! Have a fun upcoming weekend! I have to check out the store!

    xo, Bry

  38. Dos preciosas chicas tu mama, y tu, con dos preciosas camisetas. Mil besicos

  39. you guys look so pretty together! I love the red pants!

  40. make you winter different other,you blogger is so nice

  41. You two look cute. What a timeless outfit.

  42. Wow! You are amazing!
    May be you'd like to follow each other? Let me know C:

    Maggie from

  43. Both outfits are adorable ! I really love this Texas tee ! :)

  44. Too awesome!!! I don't often see modern tees that really fuel my fashion fires, but these are one big exception for sure and I very much hope to add one or more to my closet some day, too (were the Canadian dollar not in such wretched shape, I probably would have already this year).

    Big hugs & happy start of autumn wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  45. Tua mamma e bellissima!!!!
    I love your style, you two look so cute together :)
    Have a nice day doll,
    xoxo ♥


  46. Ha! You gals are two awesome ladies! Amazing to see!

  47. Super lovely fifties design tee!!!
    I love your red skirt, too♡