Friday, April 1, 2011

Outfit of the Day (& Panini with Chocolate Chips! )

As much as I like getting all glammed up, I usually dress casual. It's important to be comfortable you know! Here I'm wearing an H&M military green jacket and a Promod sweater. The pants and boots are from a flea market.  As for the bag, it's from Carpisa, which is so famous for selling fantastic bags at low prices. I've had the bag (12 euros) for two years and it's still in great shape after using it almost every day!

Nonostante io ami vestirmi 'glam', di solito sono sempre vestita casual. E' importante sentirsi comodi! Quì mi sono messa la giacca di H&M e un maglione di Promod.  I pantaloni e gli stivali sono dal mercatino La borsa è di Carpisa; mi è costata 12 euro, sono due anni che la uso ed è ancora in ottima condizione!

Some panini con gocce di cioccolato for you! And yes they taste as good as they look! :)
Sì, sono tanto deliziosi quanto sembrano! :)

Have a nice weekend,  Buon fine settimana a tutti! :o)


  1. i panini li accetto...buoni.....
    le borse Carpisa viste portate dalle altre mi attirano, quando ne provo una.......mi cascano le braccia !!!!

  2. i love the sweater on you. the layering is done very well.

  3. i like this you mixed all the grays together!

  4. Thank you for the comment! I am now following. You have such a lovely blog!

  5. Man those panini look amazing. And just as amazing is your cropped sweater and your boots.

  6. aww cute outfit :) love that jumper!!

  7. that jacket is perfection! I could see myself wearing that every stinking day in winter! I also love the sweater/skinnies combo of the last two pictures.

    and criminey, lady! that hair is gorgeous!

  8. ciao! grazie per il tuo commento sul mio blog, certo che ti seguo! ti aspetto se non hai già fatto lo stesso!
    stay tuned!
    grazie, v

  9. You have such an AMAZING hair! Love your outfit, you look gorgeous! And these cookies.. hmm I want some of them :)

  10. amazing pictures!You have really nice style.

  11. i like your outfit, gray and black! :D and i love how you post pictures of food every now and then in your posts! it makes me crave for some! haha! by the way, you're beautiful too! :)

    done following you back! ;)

  12. quei panini sono una bontà *_* mi piace la tua giacca ^^

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    with love from holland ;)

  14. Il tuo blog è carinissimo, mi sono aggiunta ai tuoi follower!


  15. I like your outfit very much
    you look so cute and your blog is great too
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    xoxo natalia

  16. love your sweater and the jacket :)

    your hair so beautiful!

  17. Your outfit is very cute! I like the jacket a lot!

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    Great blog...cute background!
    Those outfits look super cute on you!!!! Can't wait to see your next post!
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  19. Your hair is very similar to mine! :D
    Me too I love those panini... Are they "Pan Goccioli"? xD

  20. love ur blog. amazing. great to know that u r a shahrukh fan! me toooooooo :D. following u back!

  21. What a cutie...I wish I had hair like yours!

  22. Che bello questo blog! anche io ho appena aperto un blog di street style! Se vuoi puoi divenare mia follower!

  23. amazing look)
    your hair is very very very beautiful!

  24. I love the military jacket, Both of the outfits look great on you and you keep making me hungry with all these yummy things u post:D Have a nice day!

  25. those look delicious! I'm totally folowwing you please follow back :)

  26. Hi,
    Thanks so much for following me and your comment was so sweet....thank you! :-)
    Come back to my blog again soon please!

  27. Wooooow ur hair! It's amazing!
    I have to wear extensions to look nearly beautiful as you!
    Love it!
    And those look delicious! I'm hungry now!

    Let's follow. I follow you!

  28. Ciao bella Caramella, mi piace ti tuo blog - mi fa fame!

    Found you through Alex - she nominated us both for Stylish Blogger Awards ^-^

    Ciao ciao!

  29. Like the outfit! That jumper is lovely <3 :)

    Following you nowwww !
    P.S. thanks for your nice comment on my blog!

  30. Outfit carinissimo, mi piace il tuo stile ;)
    poi sono iper golosa abbiamo qualcosa che ci accomuna
    un abbraccio