Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Kawaii Box Review - September 2015

Being half Japanese, I have an affinity for all things kawaii. It's like a magnetic attraction. What is kawaii?? It means ‘‘cute’’ in Japanese (^__^) You can pretend not to be attracted to them, but kawaii items are irresistible, whether you're half Japanese or not!!! The perfect box to quench your thirst for kawaii is: Kawaii Box!

I’m positive you’ve heard of Kawaii Box or you’re already subscribed to it or that you will subscribe to it. In case you don’t know what I’m talking about (tsk tsk), Kawaii Box is a monthly subscription service that sends subscribers a box of 10-12 handpicked, kawaii, Japanese and Korean items. These boxes are all the rage! They are brimful of kawaii-ness….they’re full of kawaii surprises to be more exact. Yes, because each month, you don’t know what exactly you’ll be receiving but rest assured that it’ll be 100% adorable in the form of stationery, plushies, snacks, accessories and much more! The not knowing what exactly to expect is what makes these boxes so exciting! It's like watching a thriller, but instead of a maniac around the corner, there's a box full of kawaii goods, ready to startle you! 

I’m now going to walk you through the joy and excitement that a Kawaii Box brings. When I received my Kawaii Box, I wanted to rip it open and shower myself with the goodies but for you guys, I had to maintain some self-control:
I'm not acting. This is my genuine reaction upon opening my Kawaii Box ;)
My chihuahua was very curious too!
Ta-da! Here is the contents of Kawaii Box - September 2015 edition 
There is also a card with a list of everything inside the box:
1.) Cute Egg Plush - this chick is sooo soft
2.) Moomin Mini Pouch - super soft and perfect for my coins!
3.) Kawaii Toast Squishy Charm - irresistibly squishy!!!
Just look at these faces! 
4.) Kabaya Fish Gummies - these are good! Fruity (not fishy!!) and chewy
5.) Caplico Mini Ice Cream Candy - crunchy wafer outside and soft chocolate inside..yum yum! It says ''contains calcium'' in Japanese :)
6.) Alpaca Pouch - very spacious...I'll be storing my makeup here 
7.) Cute Animal Birthday Card - one of my Scorpio friends will receive this soon
8.) Neck Stretching Bunny Pen - will use this to write in number 7 ;)
9.) Kawaii Foods Sticker Set - smiley mushroom, smiley broccoli, 
smiley bacon.......need I say more?
10.) Fragrance Beans. Watch out, socks!
11.) DIY Bracelet Kit - kawaii and fun :)
The ice-cream snack was very amusing
.....and tasty!
Essendo metà giapponese, ho una certa affinità verso le cose kawaii...un attrazione magnetica. Credo che quasi tutti -a prescindere dalla nazionalità- siano attratti dal kawaii. Ma cos'è kawaii?? In giapponese, vuol dire ''carino''/''adorabile'' ^_^ Esiste una scatola perfetta per i maniaci del kawaii: il Kawaii Box. Di sicuro avrete sentito parlare di questa compagnia...forse voi fans dell'oriente siete già iscritte al servizio o forse vi iscriverete! Nel caso non abbiate mai sentito parlare (gasp!), Kawaii Box è un servizio in abbonamento che spedisce una volta al mese, una scatola piena zeppa di oggetti, accessori e merendine giapponesi e koreani. 

Come avete visto dalle foto, nella scatola di Settembre, ci sono 11 oggetti kawaii. Uno più divertente dell'altro! Ci sono i charm in peluche, un porta monete, un kit per creare braccialetti, delle gommose a forma di pesce (al gusto di frutta, non di pesce ahah), degli adesivi spiritosi, un biglietto di compleanno, una penna a coniglietto....Mi è piaciuto molto la varietà del contenuto di questo box e la cosa fantastica e che se ti iscrivi, non sai mai cosa esattamente ti arriverà. Saprai solo che la scatola sarà piena di sorprese kawaii! E' un ''suspense'' molto piacevole!! 
Ci sono vari tipi di abbonamenti e la spedizione è gratis in tutto il mondo!
Per maggiori dettagli, potete dare un'occhiata quì:

Restate sintonizzati sul mio blog per una sorpresina da parte mia e di Kawaii Box! 

 So there they are. 11 kawaii items! I’m so very pleased with Kawaii Box. I loved the variety of the cute, useful items I received and the service is excellent. There are different subscription plans (for more details, visit: and hear ye, hear ye: shipping is free, worldwide! You will also be kindly sent a tracking number to check the status of your box. I checked mine every hour. Can you blame me?? A Kawaii Box is full of surprises and cuteness! Speaking of surprises, stay tuned for a little surprise from Kawaii Box and me! :)



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  2. Mi ricordo da piccola i negozi di cose carine (soprattutto di hallo Kitty e MyMelody) quanto ci sognavo su, poi ho maturato gusti più oscuri ma... ma nonostante questo vado ancora matta per queste cose! Che bello ricevere un pacco pieno di belle sorprese!

  3. Very nice pictures and great post. This box is cute :-) You dog also <3

  4. Looks like u have fun with the Kawaii Box!

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  11. *Squeal!!!* What a fabulous abundance of cuteness. I'm a huge fan of kawaii style items as well and was beyond into such things in my early and mid-20s in particular. In fact, and I don't know if I've ever shared this publicly before, I debated starting a blog about such, back before I launched my vintage blog in 2009. It was one of four main topics that I was debating starting a site about. In the end I'm glad I went with vintage, but still look for ways to weave my love of all things cute into my blog, wardrobe and home alike. :)

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  12. I just adore your style seriously you are gorgeous! Japan really has a knack for uniqueness and individuality and I can't wait to visit someday!

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