Sunday, July 1, 2018

JAPANFUNBOX - a box full of fun and crazy Japanese snacks!


Today I would like to show you a super fun subscription box, full of quirky 
and tasty Japanese snacks, called.....JAPANFUNBOX
Even Rocky couldn't resist and tried to steal my snacks. I don't blame him!
The items in this box are truly fun and precious because you can't find them abroad! I was surprised by how many snacks were in this box:
1.) Ninjin Snack. These are sweet, puffed rice grains and the come in this adorable package that looks like a carrot!!

2.) 3 KitKats. One is dark chocolate, the other one is milk chocolate and the third one is Green Tea flavored (my favorite!!)

3.) Pocky (Blond Chocolat flavor). First time I ever tried these are they are scrumptious. I didn't find them sweet but they're so good!
4.) Koikeya Pride Potato. These are consommé (stock/broth) flavored chips....isn't that so funny? What's crazy is that they actually do taste like meat broth. I LOVE THESE!

5.) Pureral (orange flavored gummy candies). Soooo refreshing and it's like eating a real orange!
6.) Orion's cocoa cigarettes. These are adorable! These have been around since the 1950s 💖 They taste very sugary and minty.

7.) Disney Furuta Chocolate Egg. This reminds me of Kinder's chocolate eggs. So needless to say...delicious! I got a little toy inside...

8.) Chocoball Caramel. These little chocolate balls are filled with chewy caramel. YUM YUM YUM.

9.) Setsubun (Dry Roasted Soybeans). This a traditional Japanese snack that will ward off evil!

10.) Puchi Puchi Uranai Ramune Candy. Ramune is a Japanese soft drink/soda and these candies taste like it!

11.) Thomas the Tank Engine Candy. These are grape flavored, chewy candy. I am addicted to these!
  12.) Ginza Rusk. These are crispy snacks coated in milk chocolate and filled with white chocolate. Really good!

13.) Tohato Chocobi. These are little puffed, star-shaped corn snacks that taste so chocolatey. They remind me of cereal. I ate the whole bag in one go!
14.) Sour Paper (Peach Flavor). This strip of candy tastes exactly like a juicy peach. Heavenly!

15.) Kinako Mochi. These are traditional rice crackers. Sweet and savory. I really like these!

16.) Chocolate Wafer including nail decorations! Oh my goodness, these stickers are adorable. 💜

17.) Mickey Mouse Chocolates (Umbrella shaped). Mickey mouse, adorable, fine chocolate...need I say more?
18.) Sudakosan. The snack below deserves a photo of its own. It's a strip of dried octopus, drenched in vinegar.                                                              😃😃😃 

Make sure to check out Japanfunbox:


  1. WOWWWW, it looks delicious!!!

  2. Yummy!!

  3. Hmmm, those all look soooo good and you look super cute too! I wanna try the potato chips <3. Anyway, would you like to support each other by following each other's blog ? Please let me know, thank you :)


  4. Lovely post dear! have a great weekend!

  5. These snacks are so fun! The octopus is interesting. Based on the picture on the bag I would have thought it was going to be a gummy candy. Haha!

  6. I love everything in that box...


  7. Quante cose deliziose!!! Poi io amo la cultura orientale anche per questi snack super strambi e colorati! Noi ci capiamo per questa passione ;)

    Nuovo post sul mio blog, passa a trovarmi!
    Soffice come una nuvola

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