Sunday, January 12, 2020


Hello cookies,

I just realized I've never done a post about nails! If I remember correctly, I got my first manicure about 3 years ago ( that I come to think of it, I got my drivers license 2 years ago, I went on a motorcycle for the first time, 1 year ago....some might say I'm a late bloomer, but I believe everyone has their own timeline and their own path. It's never too late to do anything :)). Last summer, I got a manicure at a nail bar in Paris and both times I chose a sparkly pink shade!

I own lots of nail polishes (mainly pink, mainly sparkly/shimmery and several neon colors, too) but I forget about their existence! Let's see if I'll remember to paint my nails more often in 2020. Like my friend Alexia (who gets her nails done very regularly) says, pampering yourself and getting pretty nails can put you in a good mood. If you feel the same way, then I'm sure you'll love the online shop I recently discovered, called stylesnails where you'll find unique nail polishes, fake nails, nail decorations and all sorts of equipment and accessories for beautifying your nails, at competitive prices. I browsed through their website and found so many alluring products that caught my eye:

This glittery nail varnish (available in 28 different shades) actually changes color according to the temperature and lighting! I just have to try this product!
Stylesnails offers sooo many holographic shades of nail polish:

Now, I didn't even know glow in the dark nail polish existed! Have I been living under a rock?? 
This nail polish is perfect if you're afraid of the dark or during a blackout haha
Stylesnails selection of fake nails is so vast. You'll literally find all types of false nails, from natural looking to razzle-dazzle styles.
Ladies, let's not neglect our can even find fake toe nails at stylesnails! 😂 
Check out this neon color:
If you're into nail decorations, stylesnails does not disappoint. I love pineapples so I just had to show you these ($9 for 50 pineapples):

These butterflies are gorgeous. Now, I'd be afraid to move my fingers with these on my nails but for a special occasion...why not? :)

So, do you paint your nails? Are you a fan of nail art?
If you haven't already, make sure to check out stylesnails!