Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Dresslily Halloween Dress and Cat Hoodie Review

Hello Kitties,

Can you believe it's already November? How have you been? You might recall my previous post, where I showed you some of my favorite clothing items from Dresslily. Well in today's post, I'm going to show you two items straight from this amazing online store! It was Halloween last week and I wore the perfect dress for the occasion:

Trick or Treat? 🎃
This dress is not only super cute but the material feels silky
 and I just love these sensual, double straps!

This is how the dress looks like from the back. As you can see, it hugs your curves on top and then flares out at the bottom. 
Look at the candy corn on my dress!!! 
The second item I received from Dresslily is this adorable, 
mustard colored hoodie:

Can you spot the 3 cats in this picture? 😸
Gah. I love this hoodie. 
It's perfect for autumn and this kinda weather.
 This hoodie is sooo soft and warm.
The inner lining of the hoodie furry and even softer!
 The purrrrrfect guest for my photoshoot :)

I think these pictures speak for themselves...needless to say, I am very happy and impressed with these two gorgeous items from Dresslily. The quality of both items is excellent, the fabric feels amazing and the prints are so unique! Both the dress and the sweater are Medium and they fit me perfectly. Great quality, great prices and great customer service is what you'll find at Dresslily. Have you ever bought anything from them? If not, make sure to check them out!
 Bye for now and stay warm💛

Dresslily Discount Codes (valid until 30 November 2018)!

Use code " BFCM26 " for all order with over 10USD save 2.6USD;
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Check out dresshead too!


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