Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Happy Hour (Italian style)!

Who says you need to go out for a Happy Hour? Happy Hour at home is a lot of fun! The process of preparing everything makes me happy in itself :) Well, I just opened a a few bags and jars.... but that bean salad is homemade!

Chi ha detto che bisogna fare l'Happy Hour fuori? L'Happy Hour a casa è molto divertente! Tutto il preparamento in se, mi riempie di felicità :) Beh, ho giusto aperto un po' di buste e barattoli.....comunque quei fagioli sono fatti in casa!

I laid out some mini slices of salami, mini bruschetta's with Sicilian sun dried tomatoes and Sicilian pecorino cheese (made from Sheep's milk),  mini hot-dogs, borlotti beans flavored with olive oil/vinegar/garlic.....

fonzies (these are an Italian version of Cheetos, nice and cheesy!), green olives, Sicilian pistacchios from a place called Bronte, and capers (capperi!)  from Pantelleria (a place in Sicily famous for these capers and raisins)....

pickled mushrooms (funghi sott'olio), two non-alcholic, typical Italian drinks: Crodino and Sanbitter (both bittersweet), Mikado chocolate sticks (obviously not Italian, but Japanese :)), and mini forks in green, white and red- the colors of the Italian flag! Non sono carini le mini forchette di color verde, bianco e rosso?

Hope you enjoyed this Happy Hour in Sicily, and that you have space for lunch (or dinner!)
Evviva l'Happy Hour all'italiana! 


  1. Am I invited? That all looks so appetizing! I've got to go to Pantelleria one of these days, I heard that they also have the best Zibibbo there.

  2. That look sooooo nice. My mums family is Spanish so I get some great food sometimes. Spanish and Italian is definitely my favourite, I went to a nice Italian in Kingston (LDN) last week, but I bet it's nothing in comparison to the real deal?

    I'm having a MAC, Natural Collection and H&M giveaway here if you'd like to check it out/enter it :)


  4. Oh my gosh, this looks so delicious & yummy, I'm almost starting to droll *lol*
    Your guests must feel really honored with what you prepared for them - or did you do it for yourself/family?

  5. Ciao bella :)
    You almost made me cry with these photos of delicious Italian food! I miss it soooo much! fresh salami and olives!
    p.s. Loving your blog! Would you like to follow each other?

  6. Uhm beh.. all'italiana credo sia la scelta migliore!

  7. Ma che meraviglia! Un abbraccio e complimenti

  8. Thanks for your kind comments at The Robot Lunch Box! Looks like you are doing a great job with your blog so far! And I also love anything vintage or retro (and Mikado of course!).
    Speak soon,


  9. Thanks for following my blog. I too am half Italian (3rd generation in America) and blog about Italian food occaisonally. I really like how your blog is bilingual, I speak only a little Italian but pick up phrases when I can. Thanks again. Buon giorno.

  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I wish I could be there joining you for an aperitivo.

  11. great nibbles and wow love the choc cake and tea :-) adore Italy thanks for visiting my blog

  12. This is my favorite way to eat! A little bit of this, a little bit of that. It all draws me in and begs me to pull up a chair. Many thanks for the visit. Do you think you could have me bilingual by September?

  13. Oh my, that looks sooo amazing. I bet it taste better than looks=) oh and thanks i am a lil better today but now its snowing...ick hahaha hope your doing well, hugs from the states=)

  14. Anche io adoro il brunch fatto in casa!!!! ;))

  15. Merci pour votre commentaire sur mon blog de scrap digit !!
    Pour l'apéritif à quel moment pouvons nous venir ?????????????????? hihihihihihi !!
    Vos images nous mettent en appétit !!
    A bientôt !

  16. Mi piace l'happy hour all'italiana.....e a casa mia si fa molto spesso....grazie anche a mia moglie spagnola amante delle tapas!!! Mi aggiungo ai tuoi sostenitori così ti tengo d'occhio!

  17. Your food makes me hungry again even though I just had my breakfast. lol :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog btw. hehe Ciao from Hong Kong!

  18. wow! this looks so delicious!!

    xx, Sabinna and David

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  20. Very nice blog, but... in which language should I write my comments? On peut faire en français? xD
    Ad ogni modo, ho eliminato il commento precedente perché conteneva una gaffe...xD E comunque (e NON per riparare alla figuraccia xD)sono tra i tuoi follower, il tuo blog mi mette allegria!

  21. ooh it looks AMAZING!
    I just want some of these things now D:
    and these olives... hmmm I love olives!