Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Tutti Frutti

Aren't the buttons on this skirt, so cute??
Sorry for showing you my behind (haha).
As you can see, the pleats and folds make this skirt very particular, 
giving it a mermaid-like silhouette.
Scusate il sedere :D Come potete vedere, la gonna ha delle pieghe molto particolari dietro....creando una forma quasi a sirena.
Banana earrings from Shiny Stuff Creations
Feeling Fruity necklace from SBLNGRVLRY

So guys and dolls: eat your fruit, at least 5 portions a day!
 I should practice what I preach.......well, at least I wear lots of fruits ;)))
Mi raccomando bambole, mangiate tanta frutta! Dicono almeno cinque porzioni al giorno. Anch'io dovrei mangiare più frutta.......beh almeno la indosso! :)

Monday, May 23, 2016

Elvis is looking at me!!!

Below, my Elvis brooch is looking at me while I'm looking at my Elvis postcard. We're basically always lookin' at each other, The King and I ;)
Mentre Elvis (la spilla) mi guarda, io guardo lui (sulla cartolina).
Ci guardiamo sempre, insomma :)
I'm sure I don't need to tell you but I'll say it anyway: I adore this Elvis brooch from Rétro Chérie. Look at that pompadour, those sideburns and those lips!!!
I knew he was mine, the millisecond I laid eyes on him <3
The music note earrings are pretty gorgeous too, right? :)
Inutile dirlo, ma lo dico lo stesso: Elvis con il suo ciuffo, che mi guarda...
questa spilla di Rétro Chérie è da sogno!!! 

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Great minds dress alike!

Aloha Cats and Kittens,

Today's post is different from my usual ''Me, myself and I'' posts. Well, ok, I am partially in this post too ;) My blogger friend, Miss Milla Cherry, who is an Australian pinup doll, interviewed and featured me on her blog yesterday. You all should check her out! I love her style. We've been following each other for a while on Blogspot and Instagram, and I noticed that we have some things in common....including clothes! Below are some of our similar outfits. What's funny is that none of these pictures were taken for this post; these photos have all been snapped in the past, even before we knew each other! 

Here we are, posing in our Banned flamingo print pieces; 
I'm wearing the dress version while Miss Milla Cherry is wearing the skirt:
 Aren't her cardi, bag and belt so cute?? 
My Fernando the Flamingo brooch is from Jess Collinge
Here is lovely Miss Milla Cherry, wearing a skirt that looks very familiar.....
Oh yes, because I have it too. The color looks different but it's because of the lighting. I like how we both wore a white top with this Hawaiian skirt :) 
 Here we are wearing our Tiki/Hawaiian style dresses:

Both of us wore a necklace to match our dress. 
Miss Milla has a splendid flower piece in her hair........
........and I'm wearing flower stud earrings:
Last but not least: wearing our Hawaiian shirts, sunglasses and a flower in our hair to complete the look. I don't know why I didn't tie my shirt in the front as I usually do! I was also wearing high waisted jeans so it's almost a twin outfit! 

Hope you enjoyed this tropical, Hawaiian flavored post! Ciao dolls 

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Minnie Mouse Inspired Look

Hi cats and kittens,

After my Elvis inspired outfits, Lauren Bacall inspired look, now Minnie Mouse is my muse??! Haha don't worry, I'm not going to be wearing mouse ears or anything! The dress I'm wearing in this post is actually a vintage,1940s-1950s style dress and it's not flared out like Minnie's. It is bright red though and there are white polka dots on the top part. I own many red, polka dot pieces and whenever I wear them, friends and even strangers call me Minnie Mouse. It could also be the red ribbon in my hair.....anyway, I take it as a compliment. After all, Minerva ''Minnie'' Mouse is as vintage as can be! She was first drawn in 1928, alongside her mousefriend boyfriend, Mickey Mouse.


Ciao gatti e gattine,

Dopo i miei look ispirati ad Elvis e a Lauren Bacall, ora è arrivato il turno di Topolina. Ahah, non vi preoccupate, mica mi metto le orecchie da topo! Il vestito che indosso in questo post è vintage, stile anni quaranta-cinquanta. Non è svasato come quello di Topolina però è rosso e ci sono i pois sulla parte superiore. Ho tantissimi capi rossi, a pois ed è forse per questo che i miei amici e persino sconosciuti mi chiamano ''Minnie'' quando me li metto. Potrebbe anche essere il fiocco rosso che ho spesso in testa ma qualunque sia il motivo, io lo prendo come un complimento. Dopotutto, Minnie è un icona vintage! 
E' stata creata nel 1928, insieme al suo Topolino ;) Più vintage di così!

It's a little baggy in the rib cage area and under the arms but I don't really mind! There are two straps which I tied into a bow in the back, by the way.
This Minnie Mouse spins Elvis vinyl records, of course!
Questa Topolina è innamorata pazza di Elvis! ;)

Monday, May 2, 2016

1940s Style Vintage Dress

Hi guys and gals,

For today's post, I'm wearing my 1940s style vintage dress. I say ''1940s style'' because I don't know exactly when this dress is from. I bought it at a vintage shop in Rome and was told that it ''looks like it's from the 1940s'' but I think it could even be from the 1980s (I have a suspicious mind, haha!). There are so many eighties does fifties dresses around. Mine could be an eighties does forties dress. Like I said in my previous post: once a classic, always a classic! Though I don't like fashion from the eighties (it's just not my style....different strokes for different folks), it doesn't matter 'cause this dress I'm wearing, reminds me of the dresses that beautiful Lauren Bacall used to wear!

My hat and bag are vintage while my shoes are modern does vintage ;)
Aren't the buttons and the pockets just darlin'??
I forgot to take a picture of the back but there's a little belt 
behind that makes the waist nip in!
When I first tried on the dress, I thought, ''Goodness no, these puffy sleeves make me look like Arnold Shwarzenegger.'' Now, I've come to love the sleeves; they're actually the reason why this dress is special!
 Music note earrings from Retro Cherie:
 Last but not least, a picture with my cutest accessory: my pooch! <3

Ciao bambole, 

Per il post di oggi mi sono messa il mio vestito vintage, stile anni '40. L'ho comprato in un mercatino vintage a Roma e mi è stato detto che ''sembra proprio degli anni '40'' ma secondo me potrebbe anche essere degli anni '80. Negli anni '80, creavano molti vestiti stile anni '40 e '50 e infatti si trovano molti di questi abiti nei negozi vintage. In inglese un vestito del genere viene descritto come ''eighties does fifties'' o ''eighties does forties.'' Devo dire che io non sono fan degli anni ottanta; lo stile di quell'epoca non mi rappresenta....i gusti son gusti! Comunque sia, quest'abito mi ricorda tanto gli abiti che indossava la bellissima Lauren Bacall, una delle mie dive preferite degli anni '40-'50.

Quando ho indossato il vestito per la prima volta ho pensato ''Mamma mia, con queste maniche gonfie sembro Arnold Schwarzenegger.'' Adesso invece le adoro; hanno il loro perché e rendono il vestito ancora più speciale!

Ciao for now!